• PRISM Association • The not for profit association "PRISM - International Promotion Sicily-World" was born in the heart of the Mediterranean from the initiative of professionals working in the field of cooperation and intercultural dialogue at European and international level.
  • Areas of intervention • -Local Development -Youth -Lifelong Learning -International cooperation
  • Our projects • We believe that all our projects are to be born by a process of partnership involving dierttamente beneficiaries and local communities, able to explain the problems of land, synthesize different opinions and encourage the formulation of practical solutions, tangible and shared.
  • Become our partner • If you are interested working with us, you can tell us your availability by sending your CV in European format to the following e-mail: info@associazioneprism.eu
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The PRISM mission is about promoting development that is:
- local, by promoting territorial identity and potential of endogenous resources;
- based on an effective...

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Main objectives are:
- To support the cooperation of local actors, both public and private, in the internationalization of the region through integrated development strategies.

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How we work

PRISM encourages both public and private partnerships in transnational cooperation opportunities, as a way to promote local development through sustainable and inter-sectorial growth.

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PRISM uses the principles of Project Cycle Management, as a participatory approach involving all stakeholders and final beneficiaries in all project cycle phases.
PRISM promotes learning through non-formal...

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The training course “Child Rights Programming And Community Development” is organized in the frame of the project “Child Protection and Development: Youth Work Experiences across ehe World” funded by the Erasmus+ porgramme, key action 2, capacity building in the field of youth, involving organizations and youth workkers from Italy, Greece, Spain, Senegal, Kenya, India, Peru.


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The final conference and training course of the project “AGRO - Sustainable Agricultural Entrepreneurship for Young Workers in Africa and Europe” were held at Accra, Ghana, from 05th to 11th September 2016, organized by the hosting orrganization File Ghana (Ghana), in cooperation with PRISM – Associazione di Promozione Internazionale Sicilia Mondo (Italy), SVIMED – Centro Euromediterraneo per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Italy), CCREAD - Centre for Community Regeneration and Development (Cameroon), Action Synergy S.A (Greece).

Sustain your life through social entrepreneurship: July 2016 activities - First Training Course and second Transnational project meeting

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The month of July 2016 has to be considered as a crucial moment for the implementation of the project “Sustain your life through social entrepreneurship” an Erasmus + KA2 Startegic partnership project, managed by PRISM.


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Training Course – Erasmus+ Capacity building in the field of youth.
20-28 October 2016, Caltanissetta, Italy

From 20-28 October 2016 will be held at Caltanissetta, Italy the training course CHILD RIGHTS PROGRAMMING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, in the frame of the project entitled: “Child Protection and Development: Youth Work Experiences Across The World” organised in the frame of the Erasmus + Programme–Key Action 2 - Capacity Building in the field of youth and coordinated by the organisation PRISM Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo.

ASK THE LOCALS – The Poor Cousin

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What is it about?

Ask the LOcals! (ALO!) is an 18-month project aiming to strengthen citizenship awareness in countries which are considered prone to corruption. Focusing on stories of EU fund abuse in Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia (F.Y.R.) and Serbia and using informal social networks in selected communities, the project aspires to empower the losing side of corruption and enhance the sense of ownership of local populations over European Community resources.


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Coding for Young People is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic partnership in the field of youth. The project is aimed at transferring and implementing innovative practices in the field of PROGRAMMING in NON-FORMAL EDUCATION at European level.

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